Friday, July 10, 2009

Dice Stories Contest

Yeah, we’re running two contests at once? Big deal! Want to fight about it?

In addition to our July-long “Follow Our Blog & Win” contest where we are giving away a great Sovereign Stone set, we’re also running this “Dice Stories” contest until the end of next week (Firday, July 17, 2009) where you can win a complete matching 10-piece set of gaming dice and a dice pouch.

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How do I do that?” you might be asking yourself. Well, we all likely have at least one crazy story about how we lost one or more of our dice. For instance, I once swallowed a d20 while chugging down a 20-ounce coke (don’t ask how - but I did learn that dice don’t float).

We want to hear the crazy stories of how you managed to loose your favorite dice, or break up your favorite dice set. At the end of the contest we’ll pick out the most interesting of the stories and that person will win a free set of dice.

Pretty easy, huh? So what are you waiting for? Post a comment with your story to this blog entry to be entered. Contest open to anyone anywhere as long as we can find a way to ship dice to you through the mail.


  1. I went to the local game shop, noticed that there were quite a few dice of a lovely orange color in the mixed dice bowl and I thought it couldn't hurt to get a cheap set of dice. I dug through that bowl for a while, eventually getting one die of each type and paid for them and went home.

    I don't know how far we got into the next gaming session (where I was DMing), but at some point I noticed that the D20 was actually a 20-sided d10. It had 0 through 9 TWICE EACH. I thought it was rolling low...

  2. Here's my dice loss story, although it actually happened to a friend in my middle-school gaming group back in the 80's....

    We used to play in his basement where there was a coffee table and some couches and chairs. It was a pretty decent basement, as basements go, and it even came equipped with a golden retriever named Ali. It was sort of his "pad" (later on his sisters took it over though), and so he left his stuff out on the table in between our weekly games. At any given time there might be a few D&D books (we played mainly red box & AD&D back then), along with some pencils, character sheet, and, of course, dice.

    One week we show up and he says "Hey guys, did anyone accidentally grab some of my dice last week because I'm missing a d20 and a d6?" We all looked through our dice but there was no sign of it.

    Next week, we show up again and more dice are missing. This time it's a couple of d10's and another d6. We dig through all of our stuff and you can tell he's starting to think one of us was stealing his dice. We even searched the area, under the couches, behind the bookcase...nothing.

    After wasting 20-minutes we sit down to play. About an hour into the game, along comes Ali for her routine mooch of junk food. She nuzzles up to me and I push her away (we were in the middle of a fight) and then I glance down just in time to see her lap up one of my dice! The dog had been eating the dice, chowing down on a couple each week, evidently because she associated small stuff on the table with the chips, pretzels, etc. we normally ate and left in piles on the table. I suggested my friend "sift" through the gifts she left in the backyard but neither he, nor anyone else, was willing to go that far to get our dice back.

    Sad prologue: It turns out Ali had a taste for more than dice. A few years later she became very ill and then quickly died. The vet did an autopsy and found over $20 in loose change in her intestines which had finally caused an obstruction: Evidently she was an indiscriminate vacuum cleaner who was sucking up any small object left within her reach.

  3. Bear with me as this tale is a bit long. Back in my younger gaming days, I bought a set of clear plastic dice because they looked cool. What I didn't know was that the D20 that came with the set was the worst die I had ever bought. I never rolled anything higher than a 5 with it. As a combat die, it was useless. My characters were always missing and fumbling and otherwise getting their closks cleaned when I used it. So it was delegated to the bottom of the dice bag.

    During one tense session at a friend's kitchen table, my character was hit with a poison arrow and a save vs. poison was needed. Remembering the lousy D20, I figured I had finally found a use for it since it always rolled low. I brought it out, rolled it, and there on top was the first Natural 20 I had ever rolled with this dice. My character dies.

    With a yell of betrayal and rage, I snatched the D20 up, walked over to the kitchen freezer, and whipped the dice in there – I dunno, to punish it or something. I sat back down and we picked up where we left off. After a while, we all forgot about the D20 in the freezer.

    One note – the D20 had landed in a freshly-filled ice tray. Back to the tale…

    A few days later, my friend's family had just eaten dinner and enjoy iced tea with their meal. All of the plate scrapings went into the garbage disposal along with an oddly-shaped ice cube that "hadn't melted yet." The switch was thrown and a loud grinding echoed through the kitchen.

    At our next game session, my friend explained what had happened. He then presented me with the D20 – now chipped, pitted, and cracked in several places. He had also threaded it onto a necklace chain and gave it to me. So I wore that necklace with the damaged D20 to all of our future gaming sessions as a warning to any other dice as to what would happen if they decided to roll badly again.

  4. Was curious if a winner was ever selected/announced?

  5. Actually, since we only had 3 entries, we're going to send all three of you a set. Everyone's a winner. I'll be posting a follow-up entry tonight with more info.


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