Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ring of the Master Elementalist (Artifact)

Written by Justin Mason

Ring of the Master Elementalist

This intricate ring consists of two interlocking parts. An outer ring of solid platinum, and an inner ring of solid gold. The outer ring, though snugly fit inside upward beveled edges of its golden counterpart, turns on the axis of the larger inner ring. The outer ring, elegantly carved with intricate scroll work and arcane runes, also has a perfectly round hole cut into it. As the outer ring is turned, this hole reveals beneath one of four rectangle sections of inlaid pearl, inlaid amber, inlaid ruby, and inlaid blue sapphire that have each been flawlessly set into the inner ring beneath the platinum outer ring. (More simply put, the inner ring is turned to reveal one of four gemstone beneath it).

The Artifact Effects

When the ring is turned to one of these gemstones, and left for thirty seconds, the gem will briefly flash, indicating it has been attuned to the corresponding element.

(Pearl = Air, Amber = Earth, Ruby = Fire, Blue Sapphire = Water)

Once the ring has been attuned to a different element, it may not be re-attuned for 1 week. If a ring is not re-attuned after one week, it will no longer function until re-attuned. One full cycle turn will re-attune it to the same element.

Elementals of the plane to which the ring is attuned can’t attack the wearer, or even approach within 5 feet of him. If the wearer desires, he may forego this protection and instead attempt to charm the elemental (as charm monster, Will DC 20 negates). If the charm attempt fails, however, absolute protection is lost and no further attempt at charming can be made.

Creatures from the plane to which the ring is currently attuned who attack the wearer take a -3 penalty on their attack rolls. The ring wearer makes applicable saving throws from the extraplanar creature’s attacks with a +6 resistance bonus. He gains a +12 morale bonus on all attack rolls against such creatures. Any weapon he uses bypasses the damage reduction of such creatures, regardless of any qualities the weapon may or may not have.

The wearer of the ring is able to converse with creatures from the plane to which his ring is attuned. These creatures recognize that he wears the ring. They show a healthy respect for the wearer if alignments are similar. If alignments are opposed, creatures fear the wearer if he is strong. If he is weak, they hate and desire to slay him.

Abilities of Ring When Attuned to Air (Inlaid Pearl Section)
Abilities of Ring When Attuned to Earth (Inlaid Amber Section)
Abilities of Ring When Attuned to Fire (Inlaid Ruby Section)
Abilities of Ring When Attuned to Water (Inlaid Blue Sapphire Section)
The possessor of this ring also takes a saving throw penalty as follows:
  • Attuned to Air: -10 against earth-based effects
  • Attuned to Earth: -10 against air (or electricity-based) effects
  • Attuned to Fire: -10 against water (or cold-based) effects
  • Attuned to Water: -10 against fire-based effects
Introduction of Artifact

This artifact is very a very powerful item, and as such should be introduced to a campaign with caution. Rather than just running across in a random treasure horde, or even as the loot off of some powerful advisory slain in combat, I recommend it be actually loaned to the characters with a specific goal in mind. Perhaps in seeking another item of power, a Master Elementalist (an ally) has loaned the ring to the party to aid them in successfully completing a dangerous elemental-based dungeon or a quest across the elemental planes.

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