Thursday, July 2, 2009

I’m Awake!! - Power Eats for Late-Night Games

Written by Justin Mason

Here are a few quick and easy energy snack ideas to help prevent your campaign from becoming monotonous in the late night hours. Keep everyone wired awake and alert for when the helpless maiden your just saved turns out to be a disguised 20th-level evil sorceress with a grudge against adventurers.

(Just a heads-up folks: In case you didn't already know, I'm not a dietitian. I'm a gamer. In fact, I'm sure any dietitian would blow a gasket at these recommended snacks -- and likely give you a stern warning about consuming WAY too much caffeine, strange chemicals, and possible heart-attacks. Yet, I say, to quote Conan the Barbarian, "To Hell with them! Crom will laugh at them and cast them out of Valhalla.”)

Now, on to the eye-popping, dice-fidgeting goodies --

Gamer Grub Snacks
Keep the smudges off your character sheet, and your dice grease-free with these awesome individually packed tasty gamer snacks. Probably the most substantial of tonight's recommended snacks, Gamer Grub comes in four great flavors: Pizza, PB&J Wasabi, and Chocolate. Just tear open the packet, and pour directly into your pie hole. Not to mention, they're chocked full of vitamins and neurotransmitters that are sure to keep your focused on your role no matter how late your adventures last. Each pack contains: 12g of sword-swinging protein, 640 dragon-killing calories, and 404mg of a proprietary cognitive blend consisting of choline and L-glutamic acid. Just mix with your favorite caffeinated beverage or snack and you won't even remember why you needed sleep.

Buzz Bites Chocolate Chews
Now this is what I'm talking about! It's like your own personal bag-of-holding for bite-sized caffeinated tin rations... These Smooth-tasting chocolate and chocolate-mint chews contain ginseng, taurine, and five B vitamins. Buzz Bites have an abundance of energy-educed paranoia goodness, not to mention each container of 12-chews has exactly 100mg of caffeine. That's the caffeine-equivalent to 18 cans of Coke (or 7.5 Red Bulls)! And, at under $4 a container, they are considerably cheaper.

SumSeeds Caffeinated Sunflower Seeds
Maybe you want a healthier food? How about sunflower seeds? That's healthy. Well, how about sunflower seeds infused with massive amounts of caffeine!? SumSeeds come in four different flavors: Original, Salt and Pepper, Honey BBQ, and Dill Pickle. Each 3.5oz bag contains 120mg of Caffeine (yeah, even more than the Buzz Bites) for a whopping caffeine-equivalent to 22 cans of Coke. Healthy has never buzzed so good.

Cocaine Energy Supplement
Scarffing down all those snacks is sure to make you thirsty. Why break the trend? Cocaine Energy Drink offers up 8.4oz cans of buzz-worthy refreshment containing 350% more caffeine than Red Bull. That's 280mg of Caffeine in each can (or roughly the same amount that would be found in 50 -that's right, fifty - individual cans of Coke). Each serving also contains 750mg of taurine, 100mg of inositol, 50mg of L-carnitine, 250mg of D-ribose, and 25mg of Guarana. It's like a magical potion of Wake-The-F**k-Up!

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